Frequently Asked Questions

Will getting pre-qualified hurt my credit?

No! I use a Soft Pull credit service to provide my pre-qualifications, which means you will never have to worry about a mortgage inquiry hurting your credit.

What does it mean to get "Pre-qualified"?

Getting pre-qualified means a knowledgeable loan officer has reviewed your income, assets, employment and liabilities in order to come up with a maximum purchase or refinance amount.

Do you offer downpayment assistance?

With down-payment assistance you can purchase a home with as little as $1,000 down! Reach out to me or pre-qualify to find out if you qualify for Colorado Down-payment Assistance.

What mortgages do you offer?

Conventional: minimum down payment 3%, mortgage insurance required for less than 20% down that falls off, credit score of 620+

FHA: minimum down payment 3.5%, mortgage insurance required for less than 20% down that does not fall off, credit score of 580+

VA: minimum downpayment of 0%, must be able to provide a DD-214

USDA: minimum downpayment of 0% down, monthly fees for less than 20% down, must be in a USDA approved area, income limits apply

When Should I consider a refinance?

Refinances can be beneficial to lower monthly payments by lowering interest rates or removing or decreasing mortgage insurance. 
Refinances can also be used to take cash out for renovations, debt consolidation, a big purchase, and much more

For questions not answered above, or for direct advice about home loans or refinancing, don’t hesitate - get in touch!

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